Here You Can Find Out the Small Aims & the Biggest Revolution Sights.

MDQ Exchange

Beginning of MetaDevQoin Gaming Collabs ,Trades & Exchange


Web3.0 Blockchain Secured transaction as principle of upcoming MDQ Exchanges in Gaming ERA & Exchange field


Domain & Organisation Registration

15 August 2022

Official Registration of MetaDev Organisation

  • Registartion
  • 15 August 2022

Initial Launch

Mining Application Launch

19 September 2022

This is to be considered as First Step of MDQ Mining with release of MetaDev Mining Application on Google Play Store

  • Google Play Store
  • 19 September 2022
  • 4 Hours Session
  • Per Hour Bonuses
  • Multi Extra Bonus

Second Launch

Multi Bonus Application

Feb 2023

MetaDevQoin Application Second

In order to Next Steps Multi Bonus Application of MetaDevQoin Projects is going to be launched soon

  • Google Play Store
  • Feb 2023
  • Spins
  • Maths Calculations
  • Scratch Cards

Gaming Launch

MDQ Gaming Application

April-Jun 2023

Final Gaming Application

In order to Next Steps MDQ Gaming Application of MetaDevQoin Projects is going to be launched

  • Google Play Store / Apple Store
  • Mid 2023
  • Racing
  • Missions & Tasks
  • Fun & JOY

MDQ Listings

MDQ Listings


MDQ Listings

Before Core Updates & after 10% of supply minted MDQ will be Listed on some of the price tracking Platforms

  • CoinmarketCap

Core Updates


Five Core Updates

In order to Next Steps Core Updates Will be Taken there.

  • To be Announced

MDQ Gaming ERA (Most awaited)

MDQ Gaming Exchange


MDQ Gamine Collaborations

We will start collaborating with top leading Meta Gaming Techs in industry that will boost up the price and exchange many times & Greatly increase Demand of MDQ

  • Meta Gaming
  • Collabs

Integrating Other Coins

Integrating with Other Coins


MDQ Gaming to be enabled with Other Coins

We will start Enabling Buying options of the Meta Gaming Resorces with other coins

  • BTC
  • USDT